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Welcome to the oldest and most established Orthopaedic practice in Lackawanna County. We are a comprehensive medical office specializing in arthroscopy, sports medicine, joint replacement and fracture care in Orthopaedic Surgery. Arthritis, Autoimmune Diseases and Osteoporosis in Rheumatology.

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Professional Orthopaedic Associates, Ltd. is a values driven, comprehensive provider of medical care specifically in the fields of Orthopaedic Surgery and Rheumatology. The welfare of our patients in both mind and body is the foremost priority of physicians and staff.

To that end we strive to create a safe, confidential environment for healing and recovery, recognizing each individual’s desire to be treated with dignity, compassion and respect. The philosophical foundation upon which we build our technical excellence, responsibility to community and employees, integrity and reputation rests upon these crucial convictions.

What We Do

We are participating in the dynamic new Hip and Knee replacement program at the Hip and Knee Orthopaedic Institute at the Regional Hospital of Scranton in Scranton, PA. This brand new process stresses patient involvement, consistent predictable post operative care, group physical therapy and rapid recovery.

  • Arthroscopic surgery (closed) rotator cuff repair
  • Onsite physical therapy


Our Affiliations

  • Regional Hospital of Scranton
    746 Jefferson Avenue
    Scranton, PA 18510
    (570) 348-7100
  • NESC Northeast Surgery Center
    423 Scr./Carb. Highway
    Dickson City, PA 18519
    (570) 558-6372
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